God is Always Hiring

God is Always Hiring

I recently discovered this gem of a book on sale and knew it was perfect for my students and clients.

For those of you who are surrounded by naysayers and are feeling discouraged from pursuing your dream job — as a writer, artist, poet, musician, actor, puppeteer, or whatever that might be, you’ll find daily doses of encouragement in Regina Brett’s book, God is Always Hiring: 50 Lessons for Finding Fulfilling Work.

You can preview the book online at Google Books.

Whether you are seeking your first job, are unemployed or underemployed, the number one motivating factor that will help you find fulfilling work is your own passion to do what you love.

Know Thyself

Employers will always be looking for passionate people to help them carry out their mission. Whether you want to create your own opportunities or join forces with others, know what you are passionate about:

  • What is it that you want to do more than anything else?
  • What have you been doing for 10,000 hours?
  • What gift, talent, or expertise do you want to share with the world?
  • What problem do you want to solve? (climate change? human trafficking?)

If you have your own mission and an entrepreneurial spirit, then channel that passion into creating your own organization. Find a mentor, network with people who are doing what you want to do, create a timeline for developing your business so you can measure progress towards your goals.

If you’d like some guidance along the way, contact me for a free coaching session!



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