4 Lame Excuses To Not Assess Yourself

4 Lame Excuses To Not Assess Yourself.

There are so many fabulous bits of information in this latest email blast from one of today’s top career specialists, JT O’Donnell, Founder of CareerHMO. Click the link above for the full monty!

JT offers up great questions to ask yourself so you can evaluate what a “good” job means to YOU, keeping in mind that we are all unique and one size does not fit all.

The categories she recommends include:

Life Balance – How satisfied you are right now with the 8 key areas of your life. (They are Mental Self, Physical Self, Career, Finances, Significant Other, Friends & Family, Physical Surroundings, Hobbies & Recreations.)

Core Values – Your personal definitions of success for each key area and the priority they hold in your life. (Hint: No two people have the same definitions or priorities.)

Interaction Style – The way you communicate at work and how it is perceived by others. You can learn your interaction style by taking this FREE test.

Work Style – The manner and preference in which you like to accomplish tasks.

Learning Preferences – The ideal resources and methods for you to learn on-the-job.

Unique Gifts – The things you excel at naturally. Many people struggle to determine this accurately because what makes us ‘unique’ feels so normal, that we don’t see it as special.

Passion & Interests – The opportunity to observe how your unique combination of values, strengths and preferences are used when you do things you love.

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Is Your Career On Track? Take Our Quiz! – Forbes

Is Your Career On Track? Take Our Quiz! – Forbes

My favorite take away from this article is the reminder that:


The second reminder is:


The third reminder is:


In order to move forward —->>>  from job —->>> to career —->>> to purpose, you need to complete the SUCCESS cycle by taking time to self-reflect and determine where you are on your path, and what your next steps are.

Take a moment to complete the “Is Your Career On Track?” quiz at Forbes Magazine. It will help you determine if your career is on track, and provides ten steps to move your career forward.

Keep in mind, that the end game is to progress into your purpose. That’s when you’ll really begin to feel in the flow!