This page is the space for those of you using these tools and strategies to share your SUCCESS STORIES!

What’s working for you?

3 thoughts on “SUCCESS Stories

  1. I have just started doing Yoga (well, to be honest, I’m doing more reading about Yoga than I am actually doing Yoga) but it has helped tremendously. I am learning not to judge things as right or wrong and to accept the world as it is. It’s not always easy but, hey, progress not perfection!

    • Thank you for sharing what’s working for you, Heather!

      Yoga is such a wonderful tool for reducing stress and helping us keep a balance between the mental activity of learning and our actual attempts to put that learning into practice. Even simple breathing practices are a great way to pause between tasks.

      I also share your viewpoint about the importance of learning not to judge things, situations, or people as right or wrong. Accepting people and circumstances as they are is another great way to reduce stress, and stay focused on the positive actions you can take towards improving your own life.

      Your point about progress versus perfection is also very helpful! It’s a great reminder, especially for students, and others seeking to improve their current circumstances. By taking time to acknowledge and appreciate what we have accomplished on a daily basis, we reduce our anxiety about a future that may never happen.

      Thank you again for sharing such wonderful insights!

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