How To Create The Ideal LinkedIn Profile – Forbes

How To Create The Ideal LinkedIn Profile – Forbes.

I have been urging my students to create LinkedIn profiles since 2010.

This feature by Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and founder of in the current issue of Forbes magazine is by far one of the most comprehensive and practical articles on how to best use this piece of social media real estate to your advantage.

LinkedIn has added a number of new media features, so even if you have created an account, this may be a good time to re-evaluate your profile. Adding a picture and showcasing some of your work is easy and immediately adds to your marketability.

That added value speaks volumes to recruiters, and could help you get a foot in the door!


Is Your Career On Track? Take Our Quiz! – Forbes

Is Your Career On Track? Take Our Quiz! – Forbes

My favorite take away from this article is the reminder that:


The second reminder is:


The third reminder is:


In order to move forward —->>>  from job —->>> to career —->>> to purpose, you need to complete the SUCCESS cycle by taking time to self-reflect and determine where you are on your path, and what your next steps are.

Take a moment to complete the “Is Your Career On Track?” quiz at Forbes Magazine. It will help you determine if your career is on track, and provides ten steps to move your career forward.

Keep in mind, that the end game is to progress into your purpose. That’s when you’ll really begin to feel in the flow!